vendredi 31 janvier 2014


TRAPMASTERS - North Pole Cold LP

TRAPMASTERS releases his new LP North pole cold on RUN THE TRAP
Real deeeep


First Mix selekta of the year ! Trap vibes
Chateau bruyant records

MONEYMOON - I wanna fuck bjork EP Demo

DA french producer Moneymoon releases today his EP demo called  "I wanna fuck Bjork". Dub, Trip hop, Soul, Hip hop,electronic music meet all together. Influenced by the 90's bristol scene ( Tricky, Massive attack..) for the spirit, Bonobo or Mungo's hifi for more recent references,  Moneymoon makes roots beats and groovy melodies mixing electronic music and real instruments, and Bjork is his biggest fantasy.....enough said just have a listen ! :)